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Born in 1967 in Lebanon, Alexandre Najjar is considered to be one of the best Lebanese novelists of his generation.

He is the author of a number of narratives:
   La Honte du survivant, Naaman, 1989.
   Comme un aigle en dérive, Publisud, 1993.
   L'école de la guerre, Balland, 1999 - Available in English, "The School of War", Telegram Books, 2006.
   Le Roman de Beyrouth, Plon, 2005.

of poems,

of a distinguished biography of Kahlil Gibran, the author of The Prophet (Pygmalion, 2002),

and of three historical novels:
   Les Exilés du Caucase (Grasset, 1995) and
   L'Astronome (Grasset, 1997).
   Athina (Grasset, 2000).

He was awarded a number of litterary and cultural prizes, including:

  • Bourse de l'Ecrivain from the Fondation Hachette (1990).
  • Prix de poésie de la Ville de Paris (1990).
  • Prix du Palais littéraire (1994).
  • Prix littéraire de l'Asie, awarded by the French-speaking Writers Association (1996).
  • The France-Liban Prize (1998).
  • The Amsterdam Prize (1999). etc.

    Alexandre Najjar is a lawyer and literary critic in two French-speaking magazines. He currently lives between Paris and Beirut.

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